Argentum Translations on the News: Interview with Paula and Mariela

Argentum Translations on the News: Interview with Paula and Mariela


Paula Penovi and Mariela Solano are interviewed about language services in NC.

Paula Penovi and Mariela Solano were interviewed on the importance of language access and translation services in North Carolina. 👏

Language is more than just words; it’s about understanding, empathy, and connection. The Argentum Translations team are on a mission to break down language barriers and make communication accessible for all.

🗺️ Argentum Translations: Bridging the Gap 🗺️

Based in North Carolina, Argentum Translations has been providing language services at the local, state, and national levels. With a network of professionals proficient in over 50 languages, they are making waves in the field of interpretation and translation.

🌟 A Dream Rooted in Heritage 🌟

The company’s name, Argentum Translations, draws its inspiration from the Latin word for “silver” and reflects the roots of its founders, twin sisters Paula and Cynthia Penovi, who are from Argentina. Their passion for language access and education has been a driving force since childhood.

🌍 Mariela’s Journey: From Costa Rica to North Carolina 🌍

Mariela Solano-Segreda, another key member of the Argentum team, migrated from Costa Rica to the United States at a young age. She vividly remembers the challenges she faced due to the lack of Spanish translations and services. This experience led her to become a community health worker and interpreter at a young age, advocating for her family and friends.

🤝 Filling the Void: Language Access for All 🤝

Cynthia, Paula and Mariela share a common goal: ensuring everyone has access to information, including crucial documents like medical and city-related materials. They emphasize that true language access goes beyond mere translation; it involves conveying the appropriate tone and context to the audience.

💪 Empowering Through Translation 💪

Argentum Translations recognizes that some translations and tones cannot be replicated by machines. They continue to advocate for certified translations, especially in the medical field, where a single word can make a life-changing difference.

🙌 Let’s Celebrate Paula, Cynthia, Mariela, and the entire Argentum Translations team for their unwavering dedication to breaking down language barriers and ensuring that everyone has a voice. Together, we can create a world where language is never a barrier to understanding and empathy. 🌎💬 #LanguageAccess #TranslationServices #Empowerment #CommunicationForAll

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