Machine Translation and Human Translation

The Differences Between Machine Translation and Human Translation

The Differences between Machine Translation and Human Translation

Written by Alexandru Tanase

When requesting translation services from one language to another to bring your business to new countries and generate growth, you may wonder: what is the difference between machine translation and human translation? With so many translation tools based on artificial intelligence out there, do you really need a human translator? The short answer is yes, human translation is always the best option, since machines are not able to replicate the knowledge, expertise, cultural competence, linguistic skills, and know-how of a human being.

Machine Translation and Human Translation


Despite all the undergoing research carried out to produce better machine translation results, machine translation does not have the capacity to take into account any specific or general context. Therefore, it often introduces inaccuracies and ambiguities that did not exist in the source language. You can end up with low-quality translations, which can really impact your credibility, reputation, and professionalism. A human translator understands the local culture, linguistic nuances, dialects, context, cultural, and local expressions. As a result, human professional translators can provide much more accurate and high-quality translation services.


Machine translation tends to be either free or inexpensive. However, due to its lack of accuracy, you will eventually end up paying much more than intended and hiring a human professional translator. The reality is that human translation quality is currently unmatched and the only possible way to bring value and quality to your documents, applications, or web pages. When it comes to making this one-time investment, in the end, you pay for the value that you get, and it can be a waste of time and money to invest in machine translation that ends up being incomprehensible or nonsensical for your target audience.

Tone and voice

Human translation can be adapted to the tone and voice of your audience. Machine translation cannot know or understand your audience, so it cannot adjust the formality, style, or technicality of a text. Machine translation cannot reflect the voice, brand, or personality of your organization or company in another language. Professional human translators are trained and equipped with the tools to understand your message, values and uniqueness, and convey them appropriately to your audiences.

Industry terminology

Machine translation tends to produce an incorrect and inconsistent use of terminology and expressions. For instance, Google Translate mixes formal and informal structures, changes the context, uses ungrammatical sentences, and creates confusing statements. That is because machines can only resort to a limited database of words to produce literal translations, without ever considering the context or the bigger picture: are we talking to a senior CEO or a child? Are we addressing men or women? A human translator knows all of this information, and is therefore able to deliver real translations for real people, while also using industry terminology correctly and sticking to the context at hand.


It is highly recommended to work with a human translator from the start instead of trying any type of machine translation services and then dealing with those consequences. The truth is that nothing compares to working with a human translator when it comes to content quality, ease of reading, and appropriateness in communication. AI-based translation is currently defective, and in the end, you will still need to invest in a professional translator to help you improve the quality of your translations. Human translation surpasses machine translation by a long shot and it is the best option to produce high-quality content in another language!

At Argentum Translations, we use a translation process with three different human professionals who will give you the best quality available. You can learn more about it in this article about our translation process or watch our video to see how we work. Contact us at today for a quote!

Professional Translators

Professional Translations: Being Bilingual Is not Enough

Written by Alexandru Tanase

Professional Translations: Being Bilingual Is not Enough

When a business wants to expand its services, it can be difficult to cater to new target clients without the right translation services. That is why it is extremely important to hire reliable, professional translators. The truth is that being bilingual is not enough. Whether you are working with foreign business partners or clients, professionalism is key, so certified, dependable experts that can help translate everything accurately and without errors, additions, and omissions are a must.

You can rely on certified translators

In order to receive a certification, translators need to go through a long, challenging process to prove that their work quality is second to none. Usually, a bilingual candidate needs to study 4 to 5 years to get  a translation degree and master the grammar, punctuation, and syntax of both languages. Professional translators also need to be excellent readers, analysts, writers, researchers, terminologists, linguists, and tech users. A certification shows that a translator is a true professional, one that has proven to deliver an incredible precision, value, and quality for the money.

Maintaining a consistent quality and style

A certified translation will always maintain the same, high quality throughout the entire content, file, document, or website. That is because a certified expert will always double-check, use professional tools, and ensure that the work quality is flawless, accurate, and complete before turning it in. That is not the case with many uncertified translators or bilingual students.

Being bilingual is not enough

Some people may think that, by being bilingual, a person is automatically qualified to provide translation services. However, if you are looking for reliable, high-quality services, that is not the case. Working with a certified professional assures you the person in question has all the qualifications necessary to translate for a variety of industries (being proficient when handling medical, IT, scientific, legal, or technical content) exceeding your clients’ expectations.

Making sure the content is culturally correct

Translating is more than just finding the most appropriate wording in a target language. You also want to ensure that the translation fits cultural norms, standards, and conventions. A certified translator immerses themselves not only into the language, but also the specific local culture and dialect of each country and community. Therefore, cultural competence is essential when selecting a translation services provider.

Accessing industry-specific knowledge/expertise

Aside from just choosing the right words in the target language, a certified translator will also provide industry-specific knowledge. Most of the time, certified translators are actually specialized in a subject matter and a certain field. As experts, they can avoid both conceptual and linguistic errors.


Hiring a professional, certified translator is the best way to have direct access to the best translation services out there. It is very important to ensure that all your translations are accurate, professional, and effective. This is why at Argentum Translations we require all of our linguists to be certified or have degrees in the translation field. You can read more about this in this interview by the Chamber of Commerce to get to know us better!

Our team at Argentum Translations is here to provide you with the best language services in more than 50 languages. Learn more about our company by reading our reviews. With our help, you can gain access to some of the best certified translators and professionals with decades of experience in various industries since we only work with translators that hold a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in Translation, or who are certified by the American Translators Association. If you are looking for dependable, fast, and efficient translations, contact us today, and we guarantee you will have an extraordinary experience with every project!