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Argentum Translations promotes language diversity

Chamber of Commerce: Argentum Translations promotes language diversity

Our names are Cynthia and Paula Penovi and we are identical twin sisters who started our journey as translators around 10 years ago in Argentina. We are the co-owners of Argentum Translations, a minority and women-owned family business that provides translation and language services for businesses. Our company was born as an initiative to break down language barriers for our community and build strong linguistic and cultural bridges so that everybody can communicate as if they spoke the same language and shared the same culture.
targeting the Hispanic population

Why should you be targeting the Hispanic population?

You should be targeting the Hispanic population to grow your business and set yourself apart. Hispanics are not only the fastest growing population in the U.S., but also the largest minority population in the nation, which is now the world’s second largest Spanish-speaking country. The Hispanic buying power alone makes the Hispanic market within the U.S. one of the most important World Economies, and now laws are changing in favor of language access for Hispanics and the LEP population. Find out more!

False Friends: the Adoption of Foreign Terminology in English<>Spanish Medical Translation and Interpretation

As we all know, communication is critical to ensure successful healthcare. Lexical borrowings, calques and literal translations that may sound natural to the untrained ear could end up leading away from the meaning that was originally conveyed, while contributing to the impoverishment and erosion of the target language. That is why today I am going to share some insight into four of the most common false friends that I have encountered in the medical setting, their polysemy and some lexical equivalents and alternatives. Simple words like "condition", "severe", "intoxicated", and "control" may not be translated into Spanish the way you imagined.
Right-to-Left Languages

Right-to-Left Languages and the Importance of Professional Localization

Written by Cynthia Penovi When we want to read a text in English,…

Machine Translation and Human Translation

The Differences Between Machine Translation and Human Translation

When requesting translation services from one language to another to bring your business to new countries and generate growth, you may wonder: what is the difference between machine translation and human translation? With so many translation tools based on artificial intelligence out there, do you really need a human translator? The short answer is yes, human translation is always the best option, since machines are not able to replicate the knowledge, expertise, cultural competence, linguistic skills, and know-how of a human being.
Professional Translators

Professional Translations: Being Bilingual Is not Enough

When a business wants to expand their services, it can be difficult to cater to new target clients without the right translation services. That is why it is extremely important to hire reliable, professional translators. The truth is that being bilingual is not enough. Whether you are working with foreign business partners or clients, professionalism is key, so certified, dependable experts that can help translate everything rightfully and without errors, additions and omissions are a must.
Breaks Down Language Barriers

Argentum Translations Breaks Down Language Barriers in the Fight Against COVID-19

Almost one year after the World Health Organization identified the coronavirus pandemic as a public health emergency, Argentum Translations keeps joining efforts to break down language barriers and keep our Hispanic community safe and involved amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Translations and Community Involvement

2020 Recap: Pro-Bono Translations and Community Involvement

This year, Argentum Translations provided pro-bono translations to two amazing organizations in North Carolina: Our VOICE and MANNA FoodBank. Learn more about our fight against sexual violence and hunger in North Carolina and how you can help in this article. One of our values is our deep commitment to improving the lives of our community members, and we are very proud and excited to continue to work towards this goal next year!
Translation Process

Our Translation Process Explained

What happens when you order a translation? Find out about our workflow at Argentum Translations! In this video, Paula explains our three-step process to ensure professional translation services. Translation is a highly-intellectual process that involves extensive linguistic knowledge, cultural competence, outstanding writing skills, and a contrastive text and genre analytical assessment. We use a three-step process where three different professional linguists handle your translation and make sure it has the highest quality possible. The three steps are translation, edition, and quality assurance. Learn more.

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